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You can join Achtago's affiliate program at no risk and no cost and discover new ways to generate more revenue. Our affiliate program helps you earn up to 50% commission for each successful payment using your unique affiliate code (discount code).

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Our affiliate program is one of the world’s leading affiliate programs in the multiple industries. Share with your audience and receive up to 50% commission for the lifetime of all customers you refer to us.

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We offer powerful benefits to our affiliates


Unique Value

Promote our super value “Achieve your goals and accomplish your tasks faster and easier than ever before.”


Brand Community

Achtago is the world's #1 platform for task accomplishment and goal achievement.


Premium Support

If you do not have any affiliate marketing experience, our support team will help you with any further assistant.


High Commission Rate

Earn up to 50% commission of each successful payment using your affiliate code.



Achtago provides an affiliate dashboard to control everything about your affiliate account in real time.


Customer satisfaction

Achtago helps you provide premium support for current and new customers and expand business support for free.

  1. Simple steps to get started

    Take your career to the next level

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    Start Your Affiliate Brand

    Create your account and send your affiliate code to your friends via Email or promote it on popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp …..)

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    Help Your Friends

    After your friends are using your link, they will get up to 20% off on each payment using your promo code.

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    Earn Money

    Once, people use your promotional code and purchase our services, you will be rewarded with an affiliate commission 50% of each payment made using your promotional code.


Affiliate marketing program is a great way to make money through the Internet, where you can receive a commission for referring a parent company to make sales through your website or social media.

Anyone has a website, a blog or social media account and needs to earn money online.

We pay out up to 50% of successful payment your referral makes on Achtago, and it depends on the net value of the transactions.

We pay all commissions at the end of the month for earning of the previous months. We have a minimum payout amount of $50. So, your balance must be over $50 to be included in the payout.

As a affiliate you can: - Promote to your audience in a way that fits your business. - Use the brand and knowledge assets we provide to you. - Request more assets or support with creating bespoke content. - Place your affiliate code (discount code) in blog articles, social media, comparison articles etc. - Place your affiliate code (discount code) in ads that comply with our affiliate terms and conditions.

To generate a new customer, the person must use your affiliate code (discount code) via checkout process, and you cannot do self-referrals.

As a affiliate you must not: promote on websites with adult or illegal content; bid on our brand, product or trademark names using any ad services; use fraudulent marketing tactics or abuse the program.

Click on the support button at the bottom right of the page and speak with us. We’d love to understand what you need and we’re very happy to help.

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