Characteristics of a Great Partnership: Tips from Experts

Characteristics of a Great Partnership: Tips from Experts
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  • 24 Jan
Characteristics of a Great Partnership: Tips from Experts

The success of any business can be based on relationships. Work well with others and have deep knowledge of what people do is essential to create and maintain a successful partnership. The secret to success is to deeply understand human emotions and their resulting behaviours. When unlocking this secret knowledge, you can accurately predict the needs of the partners. But a question I often ask is: "What is a great partnership?" Why would you like to partner with me in this business? Why would they like to partner with us? Here are my tips for finding what you want.


- Someone you trust and is reliable. This is extremely important. Whatever the business or person, if you leave the meeting feeling that they can't be trusted, or that they're giving a sign that they're not reliable, you should trust your gut feelings. The mistake that people make here is to follow others. They see partnership forms and want the same, or they think that a company or person has an impact, regardless of what they need to partner with. A reliable partner shares your passion and ambitions, challenges you, and offers new skills and ideas, and if you feel they will not, move on.


- Commitment. Another big one for me. Always know what the partner can offer. Ask yourself, "What's a partnership like?" How much time and resources are you willing to commit? To understand the commitment level of potential partners, be aware that not all relationships require that all partners invest the same time and energy. The key thing here is to write everything down so that they can hold you accountable as much as you can for them. There is nothing worse than having an event together and doing all the work. It must be equal.


- The same value. Partners need to share specific goals, visions and goals that cannot be achieved by themselves. Sharing similar values is not only important for the daily activities of the partnership, but also for the long-term and final objectives of the partnership. For example, I always consider how much diversity they have in their business. What causes or charities support them? How do they give back to our ecosystem? More substances must be present than only ROI.


- The same passion. Partner with someone who is appropriate for your level of obsession. For Example, at Achatgo, we are passionate about making a difference in R&D (Research and Development). Because we are the leaders and innovators of this industry, we are naturally looking for people who are the engine and shaker of the industry, of course they have to pass a test of confidence and reliability. I want partners who can respond to it, make things different, and ultimately help our customers destroy it.


- Consistent communication. Continued communication... ensure that you stay in touch! I know, this seems like common sense, and we all do it, but it's easy to slip. Make sure that you set communication calendars and that your partner is available... Stay in touch to make both parties stay on the same page and lead the ship in the same direction. Achtago worksapce is a great way to stay on track.


- Do not focus on competitors. Most partners already work with competitors. They either love them or don't. Never try to discredit them or to waste them, it's turning off. Focus on adding value, trusting your team and product, and letting customers speak for you.


- Catalyst. The exceptional partnership serves as a catalyst for growth and success of each member. It allows each member to create their own innovative ideas. Whenever a partnership suppresses its members' creative energy and is rigid, it kills the spirit of innovation. As a result, rigid structures are said to first collapse. Where creativity thrives, it must be flexible. Each partner must adapt to any environment without complaint. Each of them must be flexible and willing to accept the fact that all interventions in partnership must come from a place of clarity and harmony between the partners. This is a type of environment that supports innovation, invention and success.


- You like someone you can have fun with. I mean, why would you want to work with someone who does not like you? Unfortunately, many people do. This is a rule I have broken over the years: Life is too short to work with people you don't like. (I'm sure some people don't like working with me) Okay. Do not waste time and energy on something that does not benefit anyone because not everyone will not like it. Spend time and energy on partners who respect you, are honest with you, and enjoy working with you. The results will be much more fruitful.


 - Supportive. For the success of a partnership, each member must have a sense of support and optimism about the cooperation. When partnerships support them, they are filled with hope. What sustains the motivation is the conviction that through partnership things can only improve. People who feel supported in partnership are inspired to visualize the process of achieving the goal more clearly. Therefore, partnership must be based on the unwavering belief in the integrity of the objectives and values of the desired objectives.


- No one is perfect. That's right, no one is perfect. Remember, people make mistakes, it's okay. You own your shit and never lie if you mess up. You will gain more respect in this way. If you can't talk to your partner and openly and honestly discuss, this is probably not the best choice.

 Successive partnerships are committed to equality, diversity, and flexibility. Each member leads by example, has a sense of personal freedom and unwavering commitment to the objectives to be achieved. Collaboration is built on open and honest communication, direct and consistent interaction, and personal time to think about things. Each person understands the role of the relationship dynamics and what each of them should do to succeed. The partnership is fully supported and encouraged by each member to complete all individual and collective prisons. Thus, a successful partnership is composed of strong individuals supported in a collaborative and collective relationship dynamic where all are striving for common success.




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