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Achtago help universities attract top international student, prepare students with in-demand skills, simplify and manage real time partnership with industry, and develop effective research strategies in one easy-to-use system.

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The #1 All-in-One Platform for R&D

Save time, money and effort and take your campus to the next level using a game-changing technology from Achtago

Attract top international students

It is easy to attract new students with a stronger global reputation through effective scholarship management system. Get funding recommendations based on your needs and expertise.

Prepare students with in-demand skills

Using Achtago, you can prepare graduates with job-based learning and increase student capacity without increasing infrastructure costs. Achtago is a platform to enhance student employability and modernize your curriculum.

Manage your partnerships with industry

Engage with industry teams from all sectors looking for a wide range of opportunities from early-stage to late-stage research, technologies, spin-outs and expertise for consultancy. Proactively showcase opportunities to decision-makers.

Develop effective research strategies

Our community is designed to support analysis of the funding landscape and opportunities, attract the best international partners, students, and researchers and monitor research progress in one easy to use dashboard.

Provide the best R&D workflow

The time of academia is very tight. Achtago aims to solve this challenge by providing your researchers and students with effective workflow to manage and support their collaborative projects and manage their tasks.

A sustainable path towards evaluation

Using Achtago, it is easy identify the up-and-coming researchers and students within your institution and to evaluate their achievements objectively. Our tools create a more effective and sustainable way to undertake evaluation and self-evaluation.

A Platform to Transform Your Campus

Achtago is a comprehensive system where a trusted and collaborative research ecosystem drives progress for all. We aim to build better, open, collaborative and inclusive research to tackle some of the biggest challenges to research.

Save Money and Time

The R&D process becomes easy with the only platform you will ever need to finding and comparing R&D services, tools, and opportunities from academia and industry.

Improve Career Readiness

Prepare graduates with job-based learning programs from academia and industry to prepare the next generations from future pioneers to solve the global skills gap.

Generate More Revenue

Successful fundraising requires much more than a successful proposal. Achtago equips your university with all the tools to generate revenue streams from different resources.

Up-To-Date Database

Check out our always up-to-date database of active grants and partnership calls, for proposals for any business or institution type.

Drive International Collaboration

We can help you find international partners, build your ideal project consortium and choose the best programme.

Duplicate Productivity

Relevant projects, opportunities, scholarships, jobs, partnerships, and content for your organization in one place

Insight Analytics

Make your decisions based on data and analytics. Prospect, track and manage everything grants, partners, team members in one place.

Knowledge Exchange

From Concept to Commercialization, we aim to fuel opportunity, innovation and discovery though build a new effective research ecosystem for knowledge exchange.

Technology Transfer

Use Achtago to customize the way you work, from simple to complex, store everything in one place and organize projects the way you want.

The Next Digital Revolution for R&D

Achtago brings all your projects, partners, teams, tasks, and tools together. Keep everything in the same place., and more to build processes, reduce busywork, and save time.

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