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The management process becomes easy with the only all-in-one management system you will ever need. Meet, manage, create and communicate all in one system designed to fit the way you work.

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Achtago is a smart platform created for companies, universities, NGOs, and their teams, to enhance the knowledge exchange and collaborate together on applying for fund calls, building a strong partnership network, and accelerating their team progress to help them be effective and efficient with R&D process.

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Custom Recommendations

Get funding recommendations based on your needs and expertise.

Smart Partnership

Search and apply for national and international funding and reliable partnerships and access a high growth of partner network

Personalized Matching

Relevant projects, opportunities, partnerships, and content for your organization in one place

Up-To-Date Database

Check out our always up-to-date database of active grants and partnership calls, for proposals for any business or institution type.

Drive International Collaboration

We can help you find international partners, build your ideal project consortium and choose the best programme.

Extend Your Team

Achtago helps you expand your team in real time by hiring the best freelancers and scientists from our community to guide you from the development of your project idea to its commercialization.

Fundraising System

Successful fundraising requires much more than a successful proposal. Achtago equips you with all the tools you need to be smart with your time and strategic with your requests.

R&D Management

The R&D process becomes easy with the only platform you will ever need. Meet, create and communicate all in one platform designed to fit the way you work.

Team Management

Use Achtago to customize the way you work, from simple to complex, store everything in one place and organize projects the way you want.

Effective Communication

Communicate directly with your team on a task and invite other members to your workspaces to achieve your goas and projects easily.

File Management System

Keep all your documents in one place. File sharing and Media make it easy to collaborate with your team and other partners too.

Insight Analytics

Make your decisions based on data and analytics. Prospect, track and manage everything grants, partners, team members in one place.

The Next Phase of the Digital Revolution is Coming

Achtago brings all your projects, partners, teams, tasks, and tools together. Keep everything in the same place., and more to build processes, reduce busywork, and save time.

Generate More Revenue

Increase your monthly income by applying for new fund call and partners opportunities. Put your idea into action using real projects and collaborations

Save your Time

Spend less time searching for project and partnership opportunities. Spend more time growing your business

Duplicate your Productivity

Develop your research career and get more done in less time by accessing all your projects, partners, teams, tasks, and tools in one dashboard

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